Every great journey is better with a guide

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I am not suggesting that I know everything, but there are a couple of things I know for sure;

  • I know...that for every destination, there are many paths to get there, and some are better than others.

  • I know...that for every journey; there is a guide who can make it easier for you.

  • I know…that becoming a powerful speaker starts with learning how to become a compelling storyteller.

  • I know...that when you face your fears; you are free of them because I have been there and I have done it.


If you are planning to take a journey to explore public speaking to prepare and deliver outstanding speeches in front of any audience; Let's explore it together!

Since the beginning of time, stories have captivated human beings

Stories create unforgettable connections and lasting impressions.

We all have unique life experiences to share which our audiences craving to hear

All you need is the passion for changing the world around you

And learning how to become a compelling storyteller

Change how you think and feel about public speaking;

Learn speechcraft, storytelling and presentation skills to develop your style to advance your career.

Stories are our favourite way to learn just about anything.

They create unforgettable connections and lasting impressions.

Becoming a powerful speaker starts with learning how to become a compelling storyteller.

All our training programmes are highly practical, with rigorous speaking exercises that relate to real-life scenarios.

Meet Harun

Motivational Speaker & Visual Storyteller

Harun is the Founder of Speak 2 Impress. Having been in progressive corporate hotel management for over 30 years, he decided to change his career path into Public Speaking and training areas.

Harun is an expert in business communications, storytelling and presentation skills. He is now a qualified trainer, keynote speaker alongside private coaching for presentation skills.


Harun is bringing a wealth of experience to his training with his lively, creative and impactful style and plenty of practical exercises.


Why fit when you were

Born To Stand Out?

Tips, Tricks and Viewpoints

I regularly share essential tips, trick and viewpoints on Public Speaking, Storytelling, Presentations and techniques. You may also find my views and expertise in different areas of Hospitality Management as well as useful resources I have created over time.

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