25 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Marketing; Free SEO Tools Guide

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I have previously covered Digital Marketing Strategy and Managing Reputation to highlight the importance and how to use it effectively. Some hotels do this by using third-party companies which I also highlighted the disadvantages of this approach previously. It requires ownership, attention to detail, getting constant guest feedback and using all the tools available create unique experiences and a true reflection of your property.

There are a lot of FREE marketing tools have exploded onto the scene, streamlining every single hotel marketing task you can think of. From creating eye-catching visuals to deep diving into your comp set’s methods of monitoring every single social media mention.

Before we review them, I would like to highlight the important content marketing tips;

  • Continuously Assess Your Top 20 Sales Opportunities

  • Be mindful and try to see the property with fresh eyes. Talk to your guests!

  • Use and embrace the key metrics your company or owners care about the most

  • Monitor Guest Sentiment daily basis to find key learning points and strengths your property has.

  • Know your audience and be honest about your property and unique identity

  • Consistently and creatively telling a meaningful, truthful story is what can truly attract travellers to you.

  • Work closely with your revenue teams

  • Study Your CompSet, identify what differentiates your property from others

  • Instead of competing with OTAs on price, target the consumer fears regarding the use of OTA

  • Harness the power of emotional messaging

  • To prove how your marketing efforts are adding to the hotel’s revenue, you’ll need to calculate your marketing cost per booking (MCPB) by segment and from the OTAs

It is up to you whether you want to supplement your current paid marketing programs or due to budget restrictions, you do not have enough money allocated to your marketing efforts. I have listed some of the best and free tools available online.

Hotel’s need to position themselves uniquely to get ahead of their CompSet and to do this, you need to create loads of meaningful content, blog posts and even staff picks. I have categories best Free Marketing Tools available online for easy use, these are;

  1. CompSet Research and Review